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What it Means to be a Camp Counselor with Former Samford Volleyball Player

Guest Blog By Erika Pifer

Being a Samford Volleyball player comes with many privileges, including the privilege of getting to be a part of the coaching staff each year during our annual Samford Volleyball Summer Camps. Volleyball camps are common all around the country and each year parents everywhere try to figure out which ones would benefit their young athletes the most. Our camp has been proven to stand out each year. 
The unique thing about our staff is how we define the job as a “camp counselor”. Some may find that counselors from different universities look at the position as just a job that they must “get through” for the next few weeks. These camps are not always filled with as many energizing moments or learning opportunities as much as they are filled with lists of tasks they have, to get through the day. Our camps stand out in the crowd of task filled mediocre summer camps. Samford Volleyball is built on key foundational concepts such as creating, growing, learning to learn, power, and presence, all concepts that we as players have learned to incorporate into our game and into our life in general. Our goal as camp coaches is too pass a portion of what we have been taught onto the young minds of the campers. We do not manage to do this through tedious or repetitive drills like those that you may find elsewhere. Instead, each day is filed with fun, stimulating volley that also allows our camp coaches to spend time with each player to help their presence on the court and further help them channel their own personal power in the game. Of course, not everything is broken down into techniques and specifics, at the end of the day volleyball is still volleyball.  Our staff brilliantly manages to sprinkle competition into every drill we can. In our program, we recognize that the word “compete” means, to work together, we bring that same philosophy to the floor with a variety of drills ranging from “Coach on 3” to 6 v. 6. 
When you look at the role models we have today in the sports world we listen to the things they say during post-game interviews and ESPN highlights. Most athletes that have made it to the top talk about how they are going to keep trying to improve, but what they sometimes miss is spending a moment reflecting on how they got to be important. We have all been inspired by someone in our lives, and for many athletes we can list numerous role models that have had an impact on how we view our game.  Young children are influenced by almost everything around them, so we feel at Samford Volleyball that we are responsible for being true mentors and teachers to every girl that walks into our gym to learn about the game we fell in love with when we were their age. 
Coaching volleyball isn’t always about the volley, no matter what the sport, there is so much that goes into being a player. We empower our campers to feel freedom in the gym. Freedom to grow, freedom to learn, and freedom to fail, which ultimately leads to great success. 
Overall, at Samford Volleyball Camps we create an environment around the gym that makes learning volleyball not a task but an adventure. 

A Blog for the Parents

Blog Entry

Hello Camper Parents, 
We know many of you have questions before sending your child off to a summer camp and we are here to answer your questions! 
First off, many of those questions can be answered by clicking here.  But, if you have any more questions, we are happy to help.   Contact us by clicking here OR contact Camp Director, Ben Sabin at
We will keep an eye on your child at all times!  We have a large camp staff and ensure your child will be safe in our hands. 
We can ensure that your child will be given personal attention and skill-development from camp coaches who care about their development. Your child will be learning from the Samford Volleyball Coaching staff which boasts years of experience at the highest levels of Division 1 Volleyball and from the Samford Volleyball team members who are eager to share their knowledge.  
Last but not least, let’s have some fun!  The Samford Volleyball team members are there to make sure your child not only develops and learns in the game of volleyball, but also to make sure your child has a fun and enjoyable experience! Coaches and campers are often found dancing, laughing and playing fun games in between breaks. We want your child to be a part of the fun of Bulldog Volleyball Camps!

About Each Camp

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We offer 11 different camps for all ages ranging from kindergarten to high school. Campers will train, compete and improve in individual skill development, offensive and defensive systems and knowledge of the game.  Our camps range from team camp to individual positional camps and from day-time clinics to overnight camps. Our staff will demonstrate, coach, and provide feedback for each athlete while they work to further develop their volleyball skills in all areas of the game.
 High School Overnight Camp focuses on individual skill development as well as team offensive and defensive systems.  Campers will stay overnight on Samford’s campus and gain a great experience outside the court as well.  Discounted prices are offered to teams that sign up 8 or more athletes together.  Team building activities will also be included during some sessions. 
Our Youth Skills Camps is targeted for grades  4th through 8th.  In this three- day camp, Campers will be introduced to the fundamentals of the game including serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and defense. Coaching techniques will include drills, interactive games, and real competition. 
Our VolleyKids camps are half-day camps for K-3rd grad where they will learn the fundamentals of volleyball and play camp games. 
We will have multiple camps for both our Youth Skills and VolleyKids camps.
Middle School camp is focused more toward grades 6th-8th looking to expand on their introductory skills and take their game to the next level.
Libero Camp for ages 6th – 12th grade. This one day camp will allow athletes to work on their specific skills of defense, passing, and serving. Come and get some extra work on your backcourt skills with some of the Best Defenders in the Southern Conference. 
Serving Clinic- This 3-hour camp is open to players of all skill levels entering grades 6th through 12th. We focus on the technical fundaments of serving. We will teach float serve, jump float and a jump top spin serve. We have two separate dates for this serving clinic. 
Setter /Attacker Camp- This one-day camp is for 6th to 12th graders.  Setters and attackers will get more reps than they could ever imagine.  High Reps and instruction highlight this camp and it is one of our more popular camps.
All Position Camp- This one day camp for 6th to 12th graders provides campers with the experience of working closely with our coaches and players in your specific position whether that be a Libero, Setter, Pin Attacker or Middle Blocker.
Come join us this summer at Keylor Chan Volleyball Camps to get an edge on the competition, further develop your skills in all areas of the game, and have a blast with the Samford Volleyball Team!